Quality Policy              
1. High Quality: Each member of the organization urged the company shall be responsible for the quality and provide the excellent products.              
2. High Satisfication: Ensure that the quality meet customers' needs. Customers' satisfaction and trust is the company's most valuable assets.
Quality policy commitment                
1. We provide many kinds of Printed Circuit Boards、PCB layout design、contract production、examination、shipping and after-sales service. Set the rule of providing the excellent quality products for our operating principles to make the customer satisfaction.                
2. Enrich the new knowledge and technology constantly to improve the quality of innovative products. Improve the customers' satisfaction to achieve the target of sustainable operation.                
3. Do the best efforts to meet customers' requirement (specification, characteristics, services, etc.) and also take into account the laws and regulations.                
4. Quality management system is related with the business of the other department and all the colleagues should be participated. According to the PDCA cycle of the quality management system, plan many methods to improve the quality of products and service constantly.
The examination of quality policy
Improve and innovate the process constantly, to provide the effective methods to meet customers' demands.  The policy shall be examined for its effective and availability; and if necessary, amend it.