Film1. Drawing film size30X26"
2.Draw the minimum line width / space2/2mil
3.Black and white, brown film the maximum sizeBlack film30x26"
4.Computer-aided manufacturing data input format274X    274D
5.Computer-aided manufacturing data output format274X    274D
Dry (Inner Layer)1.Minimum line width / spacing3mil
2.Minimum pad sizeAperture+8 mil (0.2 mm)
3.Tin ring vias3mil
4.Non-isolated  vias6mil
5.The smallest to the largest thickness0.05~3.0mm
6.The smallest to the largest board size310mm✽460mm
7.Copper thicknessh~3oz
8.(0.5/1/2oz)Etch  Factor0.5oz~6oz
9.Micro-erosion(Copper thickness loss)50u"
10.Minimum Edge0.1mm
Dry (Outer Layer)1.Minimum line width / spacing3/3mil
2.Minimum pad sizeBGA  8mil
3.The smallest to the largest thickness0.4~6.0mm
4.The smallest to the largest board size0.3~3.5mm
5.Tin ring vias4mil(tenting)
6.Etch Factor0.3(YX)
Drill1.Minimum and maximum bit0.1~6.4mm
2.Maximum board size660~625mm
3.Hole tolerance+/-2mil
4.Finished plate diameter tolerance+/-0.075mm
5.Segmented diamondyes(3 Segment)
6.Hole wall roughness0.6mil
Lamination1.Minimum and maximum thickness0.2~6.0mm
2.Minimum board size of work200x150mm
3.Maximum board size700x640mm
4.Between the inner plate and the copper film up to the
number of
5.After the film thickness of the lamination:+/-0.5mil/Sheet+/-1mil
6. Registration tolerance:+/-2milYes
Plated1.Minimum to the maximum thickness0.4~6.0mm
2.Aspect Ratio1:12
3.General thickness of 1.6mm hole copper thickness0.6mm
4.Hole copper:1.4mil
5.Copper surface2mil
5.Copper  tolerance)+/-0.3mil
6.Current  CalculationLength  xWidth/929x1xASF(
Current density)
Solder Mask1.Thickness Minimum to the maximum thickness0.4~0.6mm
2.Board Size700x640mm
3.Substrate thickness on the solder minimum to maximum0.4~2mil
4.Solder thickness of the copper surface of the smallest to the0.4~2mil
5.Anti-tin solder pad size pad size than the line at3mil
6.Tin solder between the minimum width of pad3mil
7.QFP solder in between the minimum width3mil
8.Plug hole size0.5mm
9.Pre-treatmentWash water mill, baking
Silk1.Minimum text size (smallest text symbol)5mil(Line Width)20~26mm(High )
2.The distance between text and tin pad5mil
Carbon ink1.Minimum to the maximum thicknessNo
2.Board Size400x500mm
3.The thickness of the carbon ink
5.Tin-carbon ink pad (pad should be larger than the circuit tin)8mil
6.Tin-carbon ink pad pitch31mil
7.Spacing can be printed carbon ink15mil
HAL1.Minimum to the maximum thickness0.6~5.0mm
2.The smallest to the largest board size160~595mm
3.The smallest aperture (Wuxi plug)0.45mm
4.The smallest to the largest tin thickness30~1000
Goldfinger1.Minimum to the maximum thickness0.5~4.0mm
2.The smallest to the largest board (board size limits work)150~610mm
3.Minimum to the maximum thickness of nickel80~200mm
4.Gold thickness of the smallest to the largest3u"~60u"
Forming1.Minimum to the maximum thickness0.2~6.0
2.Finished board size5x5mm
3Dimension  Tolerance+/-0.1mm
4.Best Tolerance Molding0.15mm
5.Tolerance between the U-slot cheat+/-0.05mm
V-Cut1.Minimum to the maximum thickness0.3~5.0mm
2.Board Size Length X WidthLeast 90x55mmMaximum(
3.Location accuracy and the residual tolerance+/-0.05mm
4.V-cut angle30 Degree 45 Degree
5.V-shaped cutting knife danceMinimum spacing3mm     (30